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Atlanta VIP Protection
Elite Security Solutions Designed To Make You Feel Safe

Based in Georgia, Atlanta VIP Protection is known for setting new standards in armed and unarmed security. Our 360-degree executive protection services are specially curated to address the safety needs of VIP clients in the most convenient manner possible.

Our armed and unarmed bodyguards are fully licensed and trained to provide comprehensive personal protection at all times. In the past, we have served numerous VIP clients and successfully safeguarded them from potential threats. We recently provided joint security for BET Awards 2021.

Our Mission

At Atlanta VIP Protection, our mission is to partner with you and make you feel secure. We use customized and state-of-art security solutions that ensure your protection while also respecting your freedom of movement.
With Atlanta VIP Protection at your side, you can rest easy knowing you are under the protection of superior and highly experienced unarmed and armed bodyguards who prioritize your safety above all.

What Do Our VIP Security Solutions Include?
Atlanta VIP Protection prides itself on offering a wide range of security solutions that encompass all your protection needs.

With Atlanta VIP Protection, you can expect professional, discreet, and effective armed security services. Our fully licensed, trained, and educated armed bodyguards are known for providing exceptional protection services that ensure your comfort

Atlanta VIP Protection offers completely safe and effective unarmed security services that can help you feel safe. Our unarmed bodyguards are fully-licensed, trained, and qualified to carry out safety checks, patrol areas, respond to emergencies, and more.

Atlanta VIP Protection offers premium event security services for corporate, private, and entertainment events. Our event security guards rely on meticulous planning and the best security practices to manage potential threats at small and large events alike and protect the guests, the venue, and the property.

Atlanta VIP Protection offers bespoke solutions for securing your luxury homes. We can provide you with the necessary armed and unarmed personnel to ensure your home is protected at all times and you can move about freely without worrying about your safety.

Why Choose Atlanta VIP Protection?

As an executive protection service, Atlanta VIP Protection has proudly served hundreds of high-end clients in the past.
Here’s what you can expect if you choose to partner with us:

End-to-end Planning

At Atlanta VIP Protection, we carefully review your security needs and engage in meticulous planning to effectively prevent and neutralize any threats to your safety. We are experts at integrating our security solutions with your requirements and provide comprehensive, efficient, and non-disruptive solutions that help us earn your trust.

Specialized Security Personnel

We believe that our clients deserve the best. That’s why we only hire qualified, licensed, and educated personnel with extensive experience in providing executive protection. Our bodyguards are fully discreet, highly cooperative, and capable of making strategic decisions that ensure your safety.

Exceptional Customer Experience

Client satisfaction is of utmost importance to us. We are committed to delivering a smooth and flexible customer experience that accounts for all your security requirements. Our customer representatives are available 24/7 to assist you, and you can expect a prompt solution to any concerns.

Previous Security Associations

BET Awards - 2021
Mayors Ball 2021